Rolin Moe, EdD

Director of Academic Innovation
Assistant Professor (housed in Art & Film Studies)
Seattle Pacific University
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All MOOCs - thoughts on Massive Open Online Courses (mostly archive)
Epoymous Blog - Various Topics
Edutechnicalities - Critical Theory, Education & Film


Institute for Academic Innovation - working across the University (and across the community) on projects dedicated to improving teaching and learning. Working as the 'connective tissue' between faculty, staff, administration and students.

Canvas implementation - one quarter into full Canvas adoption and we are...quiet.  Very quiet.  Everyone wants to think it's the eye of the hurricane, but research shows we had as close to a picture perfect roll-out as possible.

OER Project - as part of a multi-step process, beginning with faculty adoption of OER in lieu of traditional textbooks.  Expecting students in this limited pilot to see a cost savings of >$50,000.

Professional Development - serving the 2016-2017 year around Canvas topics, but preparing a monumental 2017-2018 PD year around progressive approaches to research and scholarship, tied into our Day of Common Learning and faculty retreat.


The Innovation Conundrum - kickoff talk at Boston University's Digital Learning Initiative.
Creative Conversations - Defining Innovation. 

Ignite Talk - Reachin' Out to Meet the Changes


University Service
Innovation Advisory Board (Chair)
Instigator, Learning Management Task Force
Academic Assessment Committee
Faculty Development Committee


Executive Director of Content - partnership with Center for Business & Integrity/School of Business, Government & Economics MOOC project 

Initial planning stages of Route 1 certification program via SPU's School of Education (the first hybrid online/f2f project in Washington)

Increasing service learning offerings through existing Ways of Engaging courses (and developing public-private partnerships with our community entrepreneurs)

Developing sustainability task force for SPU to think about the topic as integral to teaching & learning (not just environmental means)

Facilitating cross-discipline collaboration in first-year Biology retention efforts

Assisting Brian Chin with Center for Talent, SPU's newest fine arts initiative.

Recent Pubs

TPACK as foundation for teacher professional development - chapter w/ Linda Polin in Online Teaching in K-12.

MOOCs as a sociocultural phenomenon - chapter in Emergence & Innovation in Digital Learning.

Current Research

Critical Theory
The history of information literacy and why it (as described) is not the salvation educators hope for
Open Education 
Navigating the good of OER with the difficulty of mass adoption
Preparing a Five Years Later discussion; design research on what happens if we learn from historical views of educational media rather than reinventing a stale lecture

Where am I Headed?
Guest Speaker at Royal Roads University (February 22, 2017) on situating innovation as a localized force rather than a hype machine
OLC Innovate 2017 - bringing back the museum exhibit with a greater footprint for the development of the conference narrative
Where Have I Been?
OLC Accelerate - discussed the future of 'open' with Campus Technology
OpenEd 2016 - presentation on 'openness' from a critical perspective.
OLC Innovate 2016 -  Gave a keynote ignite talk, presented a museum exhibition on innovation, talked OER in an A/V world.