An educator is a scholar as well as a practitioner.  I spend the majority of my time as an administrator helping to facilitate and construct learning spaces of high quality, rigorous design, interactivity and authenticity. In my work at Seattle Pacific University and in the general education arena, I function as a producer for the conceptualization, development, implementation, assessment and continuation of academic innovations.


2017 OLC Innovate Conference (from left): I talk with Bryan Alexander about the present context of innovation, a selection of the information posters surrounding the working lab.
  • The ‘Untitled School of Business, Government & Economics Project on Ethics in Business’ – a grant and donor-funded learning experience designed around Seattle Pacific University’s Another Way of Doing Business model. Online course production designed through a series of in-house documentary films rather than instructor-led lecture. Expected launch of course on the Canvas network: January 2018.
SBGE Multimedia Pedagogy (from left): Production begins in the partnership between SPU and Untamed.BE productions, organizational developer Mark Mayhew leads the production team through a ‘target learner’ mind map.
  • BioCORE – an initiative headed by the SPU Biology Department with support from the Institute for Academic Innovation, BioCORE is designed to support first-year Pre-Professional Health students from historically underrepresented populations both in their coursework as well as their transition to the expectations of a university student.

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