Is Six Seconds of New Content Better than Zero Seconds?

A follow up to Waiting for O Superman, my 1/7/19 blog inspired in part by Black Mirror: Bandersnatch I *loved* the BBC’s six-part Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy television series, airing in the early 1980s in the United States via PBS stations, airing in my household between 1985 and 1991 on an almost weekly basis over my family’s… Read more »


Waiting for O Superman

Every element on a web page exerts a visual force that attracts the eye of the viewer. The greater the force, the more the eye is attracted. These forces also appear to act on other elements, imparting a visual direction to their potential movement and suggesting where you should look next. The Choose Your Own Adventure… Read more »


The Edutechnicalities Podcast: Exploring Knowledge in Multilinear Space

Subscribe at iTunes, or visit the feed Today I am proud to announce the launch of the Edutechnicalities podcast, one season dropping all at ounce, the season regarding the opportunities and obstacles still facing Ernest Boyer’s four domains of scholarship as noted in Scholarship Reconsidered, a topic I colloquially refer to as emergent scholarship. This project began last yearwhen I was asked… Read more »