Defining Innovation (2016-2017)

As part of the Online Learning Consortium’s Innovation conference series, I have facilitated an interactive exhibition around the past (2016), present (2017) and future (est. 2018) of innovation and what it means to education.


Teaching With In-House, High-Quality Video Resources (2014-2017)

As part of my SPU work both in Educational Technology & Media as well as Academic Innovation, I have spearheaded initiatives dedicated to the production of reusable, high-quality video assets for the diffusion of knowledge for teachers and learners.


  • Foundations of Academic Research video series. A partnership with Lynda.com to increase the distribution of methodology coursework for people at the intersection of fields involving research
  • SPU Open Course on Business Ethics. A donor-funded documentary film series at the root of the mission of SPU’s School of Business, Government & Economics, designed to teach from the documentary contents rather than for the teacher to abdicate to the video content. Launching January 2018.
  • ETM Courseware videos (Postmodernism, Biology)

Technological Adoptions (2006 – 2017)

I have orchestrated numerous enterprise technology adoptions for teams, departments, organizations and institutions.  The process in inclusive and transparent, bringing all stakeholders to the table and not finishing the job at implementation but later after user aptitude and assessment.


  • SPU’s move to Canvas. Instructure (Canvas’ parent company) is currently filming a documentary including SPU on the process of moving learning management systems, using SPU as exemplary for our efficient and effective move.
  • Ronald Reagan Student Leadership Program. Worked with the Annenberg Learning Center at the Reagan Library to conceptualize, produce, implement and assess a multimodal student leadership program for high school students in the Greater Los Angeles area.
  • Individual Technology Protocols for Learning Disabled Students. Instituted a program so every student at Park Century School would have a technological evaluation for their learning needs to accompany their neuropsychological examinations.