Leadership, Projects

Flexible Leadership for Multi-synchronous Projects

Working in academic innovation, I have a long history of project management leading diverse teams of experts, where I provide vision and agency for innovative topics aligned with teaching and learning. These projects are largely faculty-driven, often including campus staff and administration and on occasion outside experts and consultants.  Working with a distributed staff requires flexible management that understands diverse environments and time commitments but adheres to a common mission.  I have developed a resource for innovative leadership called IDEA Implementation: Incubation, Development, Engagement and Administration, to facilitate the innovation process. This framework is similar to the ADDIE framework in its scope but is designed to execute projects in real-time despite the various staffing and administrative realities of the involved departments.  Through this manner of multi-stage leadership, I am able to synchronously facilitate idea development and creation, research methodology and procedure, product creation, instrument testing, intervention, analysis, assessment, iterative design, and identify conclusions as they happen. Every teaching & learning project is unique, and the individual considerations require contextual application. We mitigate this by focusing our initial approach through establishing shared objectives and measures on how to assess the results.  The core of IDEA is found in the concluding chapter of an upcoming book, The Business of Innovating Online, from Stylus Press.