Innovation Incubator

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In 2016, Seattle Pacific University founded the Institute for Academic Innovation and asked me to serve as its director. Our initial three-year plan was to create a culture of innovation through the following mechanisms: seed grant funding and support, intra- and inter-institutional projects/partnerships, and developing a space for emergent scholarship and academic innovation as a research discipline. The innovation incubator was designed in the Fall of 2016 to help faculty, staff and administration understand the life cycle of academic innovations and therefore aid in the conceptualization of innovative ideas and acts. Through our first two academic years, we funded 45 unique campus projects, creating more than $500,000 in campus value from a budget of $100,000.

Three of these projects highlight the opportunity in realizing emergent learning environments. BioCORE Scholars uses a homegrown LTI to supplement connection between first-year first-generation pre-med students and upper class learning assistants in navigating collegiate expectations and fully engaging course material. This program based in providing access and equity has seen an 86% acceptance rate in medical schools. The Center for Talent combines the growing Seattle arts entrepreneurship market with courses of study at SPU to provide open texts, tutorials and even a tech-based tutoring program for performing artists to best use their practice time. Observe | Make | State was a campus learning space designed to provide both an intellectual foundation in the relationship of art and society but then to transition to creation and skill development through engaging the exhibition’s makerspace to develop and showcase on-demand works.

Observe | Make | State