Teaching Portfolio

Samples of Classroom Practice

For over 15 years I have taught courses to learners of all ages, grades and interest levels on topics from cinema studies to academic writing, teaching pedagogy and educational technology. Every learning environment is unique, as the courses start by coming together around course objectives and developing out the syllabus together. I believe in the modern learning theories of social constructivism and constructionism, where learning happens best through doing in a group of peers with expert facilitation at the ready. Learning at its core is a transformational experience, and it is the responsibility of the teacher to provide the tools, foundation and scaffolding to aid every learning in how the contents of the course can transform their lives.

Links to Example Documents

Orientation Letter/Welcome for Film Appreciation Course (developed for Duke University Talent Identification Program)

Syllabus for Film History course (developed for Seattle Pacific University)

Curriculum Development Foundational Document for Film Aesthetic & Editing Course (developed for Seattle Pacific University)

Chapter on Technological, Pedagogical Applied Content Knowledge as learning foundation for online education (book chapter)

Spoke & Wheel Teaching Pedagogy (Using Documentary Film) for Business/Theology Program on Ethics (developed for Seattle Pacific University)

Gallery Exploration of the History of Innovation (developed for the Online Learning Consortium)

Video of Campus-Wide Professional Development on Forms of Scholarship (developed for Seattle Pacific University) and podcast on forms of scholarship (developed for EmergentScholar.info)

Prototype for in-person, special event and online course offering on Wayne Thiebaud, Modern Art & Mid-Century Cinema (developed for the Weisman Museum of Art)