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Scholarship is not limited to manuscripts and monographs in specific journals relating to scholastic discovery. In partnership with 14 universities across three continents, this project seeks to provide information for, analysis of, and advocacy regarding the adoption and amplification of emergent types, topics forms and modalities of research and scholarship. We built a comprehensive set of resources in an active learning environment designed to highlight and further conversation and action on this important topic.

Emergent forms of scholarship historically align with mission-based elements of higher education: increasing knowledge, knowledge diffusion, social mobility and social justice.


Emergent Scholar aligned with the Edutechnicalities podcast in an effort to engage non-linear podcasting to highlight special topics and themes integral to the future of higher education. Emergent Scholarship was our first special series. In the late 1980s Ernest Boyer wrote Scholarship Reconsidered, a landmark report on the construction, modality, roles and responsibilities for academic scholarship moving forward. The call was to broaden the idea of what constituted scholarship without sacrificing the rigor — the traditional scholarship of discovery would be joined by the scholarship of teaching and learning, the scholarship of engagement, and the scholarship of integration. This podcast allows people to engage the emergent scholarship topic through points of interest or knowledge of experts, scaffolding prior knowledge from these unique starting points, building a repository of knowledge with each listener.


In the Edutechnicalities podcast with Martin Weller, he identifies five trends and future topics in the future of scholarship, and suggests academia apply these trends towards Ernest Boyer’s domains of scholarship to see examples of where this work is currently happening (and track its future progress). Together we created one example of such a matrix…these scholarship examples seek to reach across academic disciplines as well as spaces of formal, informal and non-formal learning.

The world is changing.  Students are changing. Academic institutions are changing.  Scholarship identified its need to change nearly 30 years ago.  The time to finally implement that change is now.


The manner in which scholarship today is analyzed, shared and built upon has undergone rapid transformation from past generations, with all indications that this expansive growth will continue. This awakening is congruent to the conceptualization and production of emergent scholarship as first defined by Ernest Boyer in his 1989 Carnegie report Scholarship Reconsidered, identifying unique domains in which scholarship was prevalent and paramount. As a field founded on forward-thinking and innovation for the greater good, our commitment to innovative formats, subjects and integrations of knowledge construction must be as forthright as our commitment to academic rigor and intellectual integrity, meeting growth in the production and diffusion of knowledge. Providing language for institutions to build upon is a vital step in the acceptance and growth of emergent scholarship.

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